Advanced C++ programming and Introduction to C++11

27. – 30. oktober, i samarbeid med Programutvikling.

This course is designed to introduce delegates to more advanced use of C++ as well as introducing the most common parts of C++11. It will cover techniques and idioms that allow for more efficient and safer use of the language as well as the concepts that make C++ different from other languages. Modern C++ techniques and facilities such as the STL are used throughout to introduce developers to the full power of the C++ language. One day is devoted to new C++11 features.

Workshopen er åpen for alle, men som deltaker på TDC får du en fordelaktig pris på kr. 18.900,- for 4 dager. Påmelding og flere detaljer om workshopen her.



Hubert Matthews has been programming in C++ for over 15 years and he has been teaching it for over 10 years. He also works as a systems architect and software consultant. Hubert has been a member of the UK BSI standards committee for C++. Hubert Matthews is a freelance consultant specialising in system architecture and design as well as training programmers in C++, UML and Java. His clients range from large companies such as DHL and Orange to small companies and startups. He also is technical director or advisor to a number of startup companies. Hubert lives in Oxford and in his abundant spare time he likes to pretend that he coaches rowing, dances salsa, dabbles with martial arts and drives too fast.